David vs. Goliath

The Faroe Islands: a small Idaho full of secrets in between Scotland and Iceland. A wonderful small group of islands. They see themselves as the descendants of vikings. Mainly they live on fishing – although they hope to find oil under their island in the sea. Many Faroese live abroad. In the year 1990 the small island became the focus of European publicity. The unbelievable and impossible happened. A superior enemy was defeated in an epic heroic battle.

The biggest defeat in history for the Austrian national team was at the same time a magic moment in football history of Faroese football. The first international football game ever against the football „Goliath“ Austria. Prior to the match there was talk of a double-digit result against a team of amateurs. All should work out differently. The Faroese were less surprised. They knew their time had come. Who are these men?

  • A goal keeper with a bubble hat who knows everything about fish.
  • A Russian fish vessel consultant who knows everything about football.
  • A shepherd who knows everything there is to know about chess.
  • A painter who rows the ocean.
  • A former substitute goal keeper who is leading a nation.
  • A punk band who fights for freedom, against homophobia and also the “evil Danish Empire.

A modern fairy tale, fully loaded with epic images, interpretations of the heroic fight David against Goliath, the vikings, the sea and salted fish. And some discussion of football, for good measure.